Sex Offender

I was kinda known for being a very promiscuous girl in High School. For those of you who don’t know that word; I was a big fat slut back in the day.

Ahh, sweet, carefree youth.

So after working my way through the football team, I finally managed to get my High School coach to join me in the ball room. No pun intended.

By most people’s standards he wasn’t good looking, but he was like my white whale. Figuratively and literally. The guy was massive and insanely pale.

Anyway, I was a Senior at the time, and we were making out (finally) and clawing at each others clothes like there was no tomorrow. He was a suprisingly good kisser, so I was getting more excited by the minute. Who knew the old guy had it in him?

“Oh, I’ve wanted you so bad for so long Eva!” He breathed out in his deep, dark rumbeling voice.

“My wife would never do this, nobody can ever find out about this.” I kissed him deeper to silence him. The fact that this was forbidden made it so much hotter.

I’m not sure what attracted me to him. His big 70’s porn stash, his thick bushy eyebrows or his mysterious, constant scowling face.

It might also be that as a Junior my friend Danielle dared me to sleep with him, and since then I may or may not have have started fantasizing about him while masturbating. I’ve got daddy issues, so sue me.

I pulled off his gym shorts with one swift move, releasing his short but thick dark dick, which was a deep shade of purple. I dropped to my knees and grabbed it confidently with one hand.

Suddenly, he let out this wounded dog sound and squirted me right in the eye with his load.

Severely disappointed and upset, I fixed my skirt while rubbing my eye clean. The other eye was doing an excellent job at telling him just how pissed I was.

“If you are going to break the law with a minor at least do it correctly, or not at all. No wonder your wife won’t sleep with you!”

Obviously, I told everyone and he got fired two weeks later.


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