How To Keep Your Girl Happy In The Bedroom

Keeping your girl happy in the bedroom is not as easy as it may sound upon the search for different sex tips available be it on the internet. First of all, girls are anatomically very different than us. They are also emotionally different from us as well. Girls also take much longer to get aroused and do so vastly different than us male species. Girls are all about their mind and emotions. Whereas men can simply look at a hot girl and get aroused almost immediately. We are much more “visual”. So this is why we need to approach lovemaking from a very different angle. Much differently than we are naturally programmed to do. Here are a few ways to accomplish this guys.

1. The right mood

First of all, girls are all about setting the right mood. Girls love scented candles and sensual oils. Give your lady a nice massage in a dimly lit room with the scented candles burning. Not only will this relax her, which is very important, but it will relax you as well. When you are feeling more relaxed, you will be able to approach her in a much different way.

2. No rush

Girls also do not like to be rushed in any way. You must make sure that you heat her up slowly with kissing and foreplay. If you dive in too quickly before she “heat’s up” you can ruin your chances all together. Girls are very finicky and you must take it slow. Once they “heat up”, you better watch out!

3. Foreplay

Like I said earlier, foreplay is crucial. Do this as long as you can and she will be the one attacking you. Don’t be afraid to kiss her from head to toe, and make sure you perform oral sex on her for at least 10 minutes. This is the time frame that will make her go absolutely crazy.

4. Positions

Don’t hesitate to try different positions and allow her to get on top. Girls also like to be in control during sexual intercourse because this will allow them to hit certain spots that you may not be able to hit. Let them do this. Very important.

By this time in regard to the above sex tips, you will seem like an absolute sex god to her. She will basically be putty in your hands and she will be coming back for more time and time again. There are many variations to these techniques and a few more that can’t be mentioned here. Just be certain if you take it slow and don’t seen too anxious in the beginning, you are on your way. For some men, they just stumble and fumble in the bedroom when it comes to getting a girl aroused. A lot of girl are very sensitive in the bedroom and even the slightest mistake can turn them off. If you are too serious in the bedroom that is a turn off, as well as being too lighthearted and fun. You need to find the right balance for her to be happy

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