Hostel Sex From Hell

I’d taken a few too many drugs at the Full Moon party in Thailand a couple of years back, and I can only remember bits and pieces, but I somehow ended up with this girl who was waaaaay out of my league. Guess she was just as high as me.

Ignoring the other people in the room, some of which were also having sex in their bunks, we were getting properly into it. She was not shy. There was glow in the dark graffiti all over the walls, and both of our bodies were painted as well.

We tore off all our clothes in a blur, attacking each other like drunk, clumsy animals. After much fumbling about, we eventually ended up in doggy style, her head and arms hanging off the bed.

The heat, noise, alcohol and all the spinning colors and drugs were making me queasy, but I couldn’t stop thinking about this amazing chick I was fucking. The nausea was getting pretty bad but I could tell I was getting close to cum, even with a whiskey willy.

I flipped her over to see her face, and forcefully gave her one last hard thrust.

I opened my mouth to moan while my eyes rolled back in my head, but all that came out was projectile vomit. She kneed me in the chest to get me off while she started screaming bloody murder, and people around started waking up and yelling, probably thinking I was raping her.

I grabbed my shorts off the floor and stumbled out of there while mumbling apologies, wiping spew off my chin.

Thankfully, I never saw her again.

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