ErotikaLand, The First Adult Theme Park!

Brazil; the first things that comes to mind is Carnival, color, scantily clad women and gorgeous beaches. With the Olympic games and it’s rich history, it is quickly becoming a number one holiday destination for many.

But if all of that doesn’t tickle your fancy, how about this? The world first adult theme park; Erotikaland!

Set to open in 2018 near Piracicaba, a city about two hours’ outside of Sao Paulo, the adult theme park has already managed to draw quite some attention to itself.

The Brazilian entrepreneurs are describing the park as a adult version of Disneyland. It will have an arcade with Sex Games, a Sexual Playground and a vibrating movie theater in 7D! Yes people, the future is exciting indeed.


Some of the rides will be bumper cars shaped like genitals, a “train of pleasure” operated by gorgeous gogo-dancers, a water slide and a Ferris wheel.

If rides aren’t your thing you can always go soak in the nudist pool and chat with fellow park goers. There will also be restaurants serving aphrodisiacs from around the world, and sex shops spread around the park for you to purchase whatever your heart may desire.

Sex will be prohibited. But don’t worry, if the museums and rides makes you feel too riled up, and you’d like to try out some of your new fun souvenirs from the sex shops, there is a solution! There will be motels inside the park itself, where you can rent rooms with a loved one or a new friend!

The age limit will be 18 years, and tickets will be 100$ (69£) a head, but as this is the only erotic park in the world, I’d say it’s worth it. See you there!!

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