5 Ways On How To Increase testicle size  today

Truth be told; while most men are satisfied with the size of their testicles, there are also a good number of them who are suffering in silent. They don’t like how small their testicles look and that has in way affected their self esteem and how they interact with their partners. As funny as it my sound, a lot of men see those huge testicles as sign of power and muscularity and anyone would do anything to see part of the body grow big. If you think your testicles are very small, and you have been combing through places for days looking for ways on how to increase testicles size; well, here is everything you need to know starting with causes of small testicles to what you can do.

Common Causes Of Small Testicles Size

First things first, before we take a closer look at some of the things you can do in order to increase the size of your testicle, it will make a lot of sense if we first learn about what causes small testicle size. To help you understand why your balls may have been shrinking significantly, the following are some of the things you may want to watch out for.

Poor Lifestyle

This is probably one of the main causes of small testicle among men. If you often find yourself drinking a lot of alcohol and you rarely exercise, that could be the reason your balls have shrunk. These few factors can lead to depletion of your zinc reserve and that results in your testicles shrinking.

Ejaculating too often

If you masturbate and ejaculate on daily basis, that also can lead to exhaustion of your sexual organs, resulting in significant reduction in testosterone, small testes and weak erections.

How to Increase Testicle Size

You now know what could be causing your balls to shrink; let’s move to what you can do if you want to increase the size of yours testicles.


Increase Testicle Size: With a Testicle Massage by Yourself Or a Partner 

Massage has strongly come out as one of the best and natural ways to increase testicle size. Massaging the testicles increase the flow of blood to this part of the body and that will make them look bigger. How to pull of the whole thing is quite simple. Take a warm cloth and wrap the testicles for just a few minutes. Hold them and squeeze until they are together as you pull them downwards. D this every day for about a week and you will be surprised on how big your balls would look.

Increase Testicle Size: By Reducing Male Estrogen

High level of male estrogen in the body is one of the biggest contributors of small testicles. For this reason, men with small testicles are always advised to reduce the level of male estrogen in their body by shedding off some extra pounds. Additionally, you may also want to stay away from certain foods such as soy products and grapefruits.

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Increase Testicle Size: By Ejaculating less 

Reducing how often you ejaculate is another way to increase the size of your testicles. Most people, who ejaculate too infrequently, tend to have small and shrinking testicles. However, you shouldn’t ejaculate too often also as that cal result in small testicles

Increase Testicle Size: By Eating Healthy and Exercising More

This cannot be overemphasized enough; eat healthy. Take a lot of fruits and vegetables. Avoid foods rich in fat as that can lead to weight gain. As for alcohol, if it is something you cannot do without; at least reduce the amount you take on daily basis. Additional, even if you have a very tight work schedule, take a few minutes off your time and hit the gym for those rigorous exercises, especially focusing on compound movements.

Increase Testicle Size: With Surgery

Last but not least; should you try all of the above and nothing see to happen, the next thing you may want to consider next is surgery. Through a procedure and the use of implants, a doctor can help increase the size of the testicles. The best part; it is safe as the doctor takes fat cells from another part of your body and insert tem into the scrotum. However, before you go for this procedure, it is important to note that, it has not actually come very clearly if that will affect our sperm count. Plus, you need to talk to your doctor before you get on tat operating table.

Overall, it is important for people to know that there are no real and proven ways to increase testicle size. However, with the above tips, you could actually see them looking bigger again.

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